Central Asia

Posted in: English Okt 3 2011

Until i wrote the last Time in English, i past many other nice Peoples. Central Asia seams to be the Main Meeting Point for all Cyclists coming and going West, East or Somewhere else. In Samarqand i met Nora and Roman from Austria (www.slowbike.at). We cycled and hiked togheter in Northern Tadjikistan from Istarafshan over the Shariston Pass and through the Fan Mountains to Dushanbe. The Capital of Tajikistan.
Before i had one of my most impressive Journeys on this Trip. The Nomadbikefamily from Geneva allowed me to cycle with them from Samarqand to Tashkent (www.nomadbikefamily.org). I hope to see them again in Southeast Asia.
An other nice Guy i met, was Chris from Australia in the Adventures Inn Guesthouse in Dushanbe (www.cyclestrongman.com). He’s travelling arround the Planet for eight Years. I’m feeling like a little Mosquito in his Shade. Good Luck Chris!
Corinna and Philip from Switzerland helped me a lot in a bad Situation in Dushanbe (www.sinvia.ch). The Rim of my Backwheel was brocken. Philip gave me his hole Wheel. Thank You so much for that.
Togheter with Talon from UK i made the Pamir Highway along the Wakhan Valley between the Boarders of Tajikistan and Afghanistan (www.adventurecycletour.wordpress.com).

This was defently one of the most beautyfulst Parts on my Trip since now.
In Khorog we met also Tim and Andi from Switzerland (www.potatoesonwheels.blogspot.com). They are some Days in front of us now.
After 13 Days non-stop sitting in the Sattel we’re lucky to relax a little bit here in Osh, before the lovely Chinese open the Boarder for us. In cause of some National Celebrating they have closed them for 10 Days. Nice Surprise!
We were also Yak riding in Tajikistan, which was very funy.

Soon i should be in little China and send you the latest News from my new Adventures. Have fun and see ya soon…